Obsession Spread

To use when you feel stuck, to help see what is holding you back.

Shuffle the deck and lay out cards 1-4 as shown above.

Card 1: This card repesents the old habit that is no longer serving you.

Card 2: This card is why you are comfortable in this hole or why you are binding yourself. Can represent deep issues that need to be addressed, or depths not acknowledged, that are held back and need to be let out in some way. Also repression and fear.

Card 3: This card represents what this is doing to you on an everyday level, insecurities, anxieties, worry, or the happy face you put on things.
Card 4: This card puts it in perspective; it represents the bird's eye view from above. This is an outside opinion, the overall picture.

Now pick card 5

Card 5: This card shows how to free yourself from this, issues you need to get through, or advice you can apply to this situation. This is the way to loosen the chains.